Chase Independence

Most engineers we speak with love creating products that they are interested in or can make a difference in society, but it's tough to find that type of work on a consistent basis. So they sit behind their computer daydreaming about starting our own design/engineering firm to break free of the corporate shackles. Assist 2 Develop can help you get started.

Services our clients need:

  • CAD design/drawings
  • 3D Printing/prototyping
  • FEA/CFD analysis
  • Short run manufacturing
  • Project management
  • R&D

How it works

As a full-time freelancer or someone who likes to pick up the occasional project, we understand the challenges you face when searching for quality contract engineering work. Currently, there are a few options that can help you build your business:

Common Challenges:

  • Compete on other marketplaces that have a lowest bidder wins mentality
  • Obtain work via word of mouth
  • Work with a recruiter
  • Put on your sales hat

These options aren't scalable and can become a headache, but the good news is there has been steady growth in freelancer's earnings over the past five years. We have created Assist 2 Develop to help these businesses find the top talent and ensure that the most talented freelancers are awarded these projects.

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